Iba 20 Second Germ Protect Hand Wash
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Iba 20 Second Germ Protect Hand Wash

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Rich lather formula effectively fights virus and bacteria while cleansing hands

  • As per the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended 20 second-hand wash protocol for effective protection and cleansing hands-off biological dirt and grime
  • Rich lather formula ensures that surfactant molecules kill the germs and harmful viruses which are then washed away while rinsing.
  • Enriched with natural extracts such as neem, aloe vera and lemon to keep hands soft and the skin free of irritation

How To Apply

Wet hands with water and apply enough hand wash to cover all hand surfaces. Rub hands rigorously to form a rich lather. Keep lathering and covering each part – palms, fingers, nails, in-between fingers, under rings for a minimum of 20 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with water. Dry hands with a single-use towel and your hands are now safe.

Beauty Tips

Use Iba Aloe Aqua-Pure Aloe Vera Gel after frequent hand washing to keep them well hydrated and soft.

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